When they have developed

the ability to learn through persistent practice, children can blossom as confident and independent learners.

Over 20 years of Teaching Results

Since 1996, we have 

provided individualized education and services for over 800 children and adolescents in Tokyo and Saitama, Japan. Most of our students have continue their studies with us for many years. 

Eleve Education is the first center in the U.S., located in Torrance, California. 

Defined Educational Philosophy

By fostering a child's ability to learn, we support the overall development, not only in academics, but in the area of communication as well as life skills.

Our teaching is based on the Eleve 12 Sets of Achievements. which lays out the essential skills, abilities, and knowledge one needs to reach full potential and independence. 

Support for Parents

Our students are taught and guided to become independent learners.

We work closely with parents to establish positive and efficient study habits at home.

We offer support for parents to foster their relationship with teachers and other school staff. 

​News and Announcements

June 20, 2017

"The Foundations of Learning" is now available on Amazon

"The Foundations of Learning" by Shunichi Kono is now available on Amazon. The first translated work by Shunichi Kono, Eleve Theque's founder and CEO, it elaborates the importance of developing the learning foundations of children with developmental concerns while considering the present-day education culture in Japan.

Available on Kindle and paperback.

Original Title 「発達の遅れが気になる子どもの教え方」(2007)

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Our Publications

"The Foundations of Learning: A Methodology for Teaching Children with Developmental Concerns" is the first translation of one of Shunichi Kono's books.   

Newsletter "Eleve Theque"

Published quarterly, the newsletter "Eleve Theque" covers various topics related to education and parenting, as well as parental testimonies. Some are available in English.  

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