Our programs are designed to strengthen the foundations of learning for students to achieve a proficient academic, critical thinking, and communication abilities.

While each student is unique, such foundation plays a critical role in every child's learning experience.  Students develop the set of skills and abilities necessary to become self-sufficient and motivated learners.

Enhance reading, writing,  critical thinking, and study skills

With a focus on grade-level language arts and mathematics, this one-on-one or small group instruction program hones the skills and abilities necessary for students to become independent, competent learners.  

Learning Advancement

Foster the learning foundations of students with developmental concerns

Learning Foundations aims to develop the skills and abilities necessary for learning, including non-verbal learning skills (visual/spatial skills, listening, concentration, retention, fine-motor skills) and verbal learning skills (perceptive and expressive language, comprehension, reading, and writing). 

Learning Foundations

Pre-Elementary Programs

Prepare students for life-long learning

Kindergarten Prep Program  are for younger children from three years and up. Our educational goals extend from childhood and beyond, preparing our students for school and life. 

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