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A child's learning ability is the foundation 

we must cultivate and advance for every child. 

Over 20 Years of Helping Children

Since 1996, over 800 children have 

received our individualized education and services. 

Our approach is data-driven with over 20 years of practice.  

Established Educational Philosophy

Our educational philosophy is based on the Eleve 12 Sets of Achievements, which lays out the essential skills, abilities, and knowledge one needs to reach full potential and independence. 

Thorough Support for Parents

We work closely with parents to establish positive and efficient study habits at home as well as fostering a collaborative relationship with schools to secure a positive learning environment. 

Column about U.S. Education

Quarterly column covering topics from learning, teaching, education, and school in the U.S.


"Eleve Theque"

Quarterly newsletter published by Eleve Theque Japan.

(English translation available, originally published in Japanese)

Parent Testimony

Read parents own words about how learning at Eleve helped their children.

Eleve Theque Japan

Eleve in Japan have centers in Saitama and Osaka.

(Japanese only site)


           The Eleve instruction includes learning good posture, visual focus, listening attentively, completing tasks, and writing correctly and neatly. It is precise and clear based exactly on what a child needs. Their approach gets through to a child as the child understands precisely what is expected of them."

​                                         (Parent, student since 2009)



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